Capture 0.7.9

Powerful screen-capturing


  • Good capture selection
  • Saves in 10 different image formats
  • 4 quality settings


  • Small interface
  • Size slider

Very good

Taking screenshots is part of my regular job here at Softonic, so I can show proper images of the programs being reviewed. Instead of full fledged capture programs I've always prefered widgets, simply because they're easier to access and often do what I need.

Capture is a good screenshot capture widget, which can take either full screen, a selection or a window. It also has an option to hide or show the dashboard.

If you open up the options you'll see you can save your capture into 10 different image formats, choose from four quality settings and adjust the size.

I was a little turned off by the slider for this last option though, as it felt a little imprecise.

Capture is definitely an excellent widget for taking pictures of your desktop.

However I wished the interface would be a little bigger, as it's a little difficult to make out buttons the first time you launch it.

Despite a small interface, Capture is an excellent capture tool loaded with settings.

A handy widget to make screen captures. Can go full screen, capture only a selection, or make a timed shot.



Capture 0.7.9

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